Through the grace and power of Christ, Park Place School reaches out and empowers children, their families, and their communities in the urban neighborhoods of Norfolk, Virginia.

Through our many partnerships and by keeping our class sizes small and our teacher to student ratios high, we are able to remove the academic, social, and emotional barriers to the students’ learning.

From its earliest beginnings, the founders of Park Place School desired to have a school for students who were struggling to learn in large school settings with high teacher-student ratios. Barriers to learning can be academic, social, or emotional. The board understood that implementing interventions in elementary school should prepare students for the challenges of secondary schools as well as predict a more successful future altogether.

Small classes, intensive teaching in the basic skills of reading, spelling, writing and math framed in Christian values are the hallmarks of the school.

We understand that realizing our vision requires collaborative efforts. Partnerships with parents, churches, businesses, local universities and public/private schools are essential to build success for our students.