Sustaining Park Place School – Partner with us!

Park Place School has a rich, 20-year history of serving children in our community with a free, equitable school choice for quality education. In addition to smaller class sizes, individualized learning, violin lessons and other resources – we are able to share our Christian values.

We were blessed beyond measure last year when amidst the uncertainty brought by tax law changes and then COVID-19, God provided for our financial needs.  A copy of our Park Place School Annual Report 2019_2020 is available for last year.  This provides for some detail.

Each year, we must raise approximately 65% of our total budget, or $400,000 of a total $650,000 budget. Funding has always come primarily from individual donors and churches, combined with grants and endowments.  As we face an ever changing world, we must find creative and meaningful ways to sustain our far-reaching school.  We have launched a Student Scholarship Drive for 2021-2022 – seeking 50 scholarships – averaging $5,000 each.  Several have already been fulfilled!

Tax Credits remain a worthwhile avenue for donors to stretch the impact of their gifts.  When you provide a $5,000 scholarship gift, you can receive up to 65% of it – or $3,250 – back on your VA State taxes, costing you only $1,750.  Or a gift of half a scholarship of $2500 receives up to $1,625 back, or a net cost of $875.

Gifts of every size are meaningful, of course, and we appreciate each donor for making Park Place School a part of their giving plans.

Partner with us with your time and talents, too!  We have internships and countless ways for you to impact young lives!  Contact the school and inquire!


The Park Place School Team!

Receive Generous Tax Credits When You Give!

Did you know 65%+ of your gift can be returned to you?

To sponsor 1 student with a scholarship of $5800 costs as little as $1400 after your tax credit!  And – the gift can be made over a period of 1 year.  A gift of $50,000 receives a return of more than $37,000 in tax credits (costing only about $13,000)* – and covers a teacher’s salary and curriculum costs for one classroom for the year!

*Your actual credit/net costs will depend on your tax bracket and tax liability.  Talk with your financial advisor to determine your best options.  Or call the school if you have general questions regarding how it works and how easy it is to give this way!


Determined to return to in-person instruction, a plan created by the team and approved by the board and the Health Department, PPS began the school year with precautions for social distancing and amped up cleaning measures to keep everyone safe.  We all wore masks, sat behind plexiglass dividers in our classrooms, and avoided hugs – that was hard!  There were only a few cases of the virus identified, and 1 school-wide closer for 2 weeks, and lots of quarantining to help keep us all safe.  And again, God’s blessings provided for our health and amazing level of giving from our donors to sustain us another year!


The year began with a team of new leadership and several new teachers, all committed to serving in their walk of faith.  There were 83 students enrolled in grades 3-8.  We were blessed over and over with God’s abundance and grace.  The owners of The Dirty Buffalo donated 100 new Chromebooks at Christmas time; I’m Train Ready provided meals for holidays and beyond, Norfolk Academy students volunteer offered weekly tutoring.  The BeAR (Be A Reader) program was in full-stride.  Each classroom was supported by college interns from ODU and NSU.  Churches increased their involvement and commitment to partnership.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.  And like schools across Virginia, we were forced to close to in-person instruction.  Over a single weekend, the academic team executed a plan for virtual instruction, which continued for the remainder of the school year.  God provided and our school and students thrived!


This year saw record numbers of volunteers playing important roles in the school – from tutoring, to classroom aids, to art. In addition, the school received a generous grant that enabled us to purchase our own school bus!  Thank you Jay Pharoah!  The school added 7th grade for our rising 6th graders this year, which was followed by a large outcry for 8th grade at year’s end!  The Board of Directors heard their pleas and approved the addition of 8th grade, for a current offering of grades of 3 – 8 and a capacity of 90 students.  We are grateful to Aimee Phillips who lead the school for 3 years and made a difficult decision to take another offer at the end of the school year.


We relocated the school to the education wing at Beth El Synagogue and strengthened our partnership with New Life Church. We officially began our middle school by adding 6th grade to our program and opened our roster up to 15 students per class. Our overall capacity was 75 students. We added a Global Studies course as a resource class for everyone and a GoogleDocs and Life Skills course and a Drama course through Cason Acting Company for our 6th grade. Volunteers from Beth El support our program through creative writing, the BeAR program, and weekly interactions with our students. Additionally, The FOCUS center provided interns from ODU and NSU this year.


Additional partnerships were added to our program. Regent University, EVMS, ODU, U.S. Navy, computer class, The Y on Granby, Compass Youth Services,the National Institute for Learning Development, New Life Church, Christ the Redeemer Church, Ghent Area Ministries, and WAVE City Care were all involved in helping make our year a wonderful success. Transportation services were added to enable us to reach students in other neighborhoods in Norfolk.


Second grade was added to our program. Additional Chromebooks were purchased allowing us to become a 1:1 school.


We began the school year with 34 students and added fifth grade. We have been so blessed to have received grants to help us have great amenities. Our technology has been upgraded to help teachers with instruction and students to benefit from these innovations. We’ve been able to purchase excellent materials to support a STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Additionally, The Academy of Music has begun a violin program with PPS students.


The doors were once again opened with 23 students in third and fourth grades and a new instructional and administrative team. A first, we partnered with Norfolk Public Schools to refer students and provide curricular materials. We look forward to hard work and success for these young learners.


Park Place School took a sabbatical year to evaluate their program. The Board recruited local education leaders to develop a plan for implementing a new program for at-risk children in Norfolk. The idea was to again begin with the third grade and have in place a team of teachers, aides, and volunteers who could provide small group settings and intense instruction focused on basic math and language skills – in an environment promoting strong Christian principles.


We realized that the earlier students began an intervention program, the more likely improvements could be seen. The class entering 2004 were third graders. When they completed the program in 2007, they also made some remarkable gains in both achievement scores but also in ability as measured through intelligence tests. Our 2007 student body began in a combined second/third grade. Students continued to realize significant gains in achievement and ability.


2001 was Park Place School’s first year of operation with two fourth grade classes, each with 12 students. At completion of the three year-program the first class of students had an average gain of 40% points in math, 28% points in reading, and 18% points in spelling. This was an extraordinary accomplishment.


Park Place United Methodist Church donated two floors of their educational building to the school. In six months, the Board of Directors raised over $300,000 to renovate the donated space. Construction began on classrooms, resource rooms, administrative offices, and the library. The church educational building became a day school ready to serve the Park Place neighborhood.


From 1996 through 1999 our pilot project – ‘Project Rebound’ targeted 10 students who improved their test scores in the core subjects for reading, math, and spelling an average of just over 20 percentage points. The students came from Norfolk Public School middle schools and were reading on the second grade level. After completion of our three-year pilot project our students were re-enrolled back into Norfolk Public Schools working at/or above grade level. All of the students which attended ‘Project Rebound’ graduated from high school.